AHN Cardboard Cryoboxes

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Ahn Cardboard Cryoboxes

The ahn Cardboard Cryoboxes and Dividers are constructed from a temperature-resistant recyclable cardboard. Their dimensions are 130x130x50mm.

Removable Grid

The grids are removable for low cost storage of your cryogenic samples.

Flexible storage options

Ahn Cardboard Cryoboxes are supplied with 81 (9×9) or 100 (10×10) grid options. These inserts are removable and can be swapped for different purposes, or can even be removed completely.

Cardboard Features

The Cardboard of our ahn Cryoboxes is water-repellent for mor durability and can be recycled after use.

Ordering Information

DescriptionDimensionsMaterialColourSales UnitCat. No.
Cryobox B9, includes 9x9 cell dividers133x133x50mmCardboardwhitecase/36 pcs. 3-640-36-9
Cryobox B10, includes 10x10 cell dividers133x133x50mmCardboardwhitecase/36 pcs. 3-641-36-9