Ahn Plastic Cryoboxes

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ahn Plastic Cryoboxes 9x9 / 10x10

With our ahn Plastic Cryoboxes you can organize your cryo tubes in freezers or liquid nitrogen. They are made from premium quality polypropylene and easy to autoclave.

Sizes and Footprints

Our Plastic Cryoboxes are available in two sizes 9×9 and 10×10 grid. Both have the size 130×130 mm and can be stacked easily. They even fit the regular freezers. The streamlined design complements our ahn myTube CrT Cryo Tubes and retains compatibility with other brands.

9x9 Cryoboxes

The 9×9 Cryoboxes accommodate up to 81 samples. And are suited for budget-constrained laboratory settings.

10x10 Cryoboxes

These Boxes provide 23% more storage without increasing the box footprint. They are especially suited to space-limited settings or laboratories requiring cutting-edge features for optimizing your workflow.

Ordering Information

DescriptionDimensionsMaterialColourSales UnitCat.No.
Cryobox, 9x9 grid for 1.0mL – 2.0mL cryo tubes 130x130x50mmPlasticclearcase/36 pcs. 3-632-45-0
Cryobox, 9x9 grid for 4.0mL cryo tubes130x130x80mmPlasticclearcase/36 pcs.3-633-36-0
Cryobox, 9x9 grid for 5.0mL cryo tubes130x130x90mmPlasticclearcase/36 pcs. 3-634-36-0
Cryobox 10x10 grid for 0.5mL cryo tubes130x130x32mmPlasticclearcase/36 pcs. 3-635-45-0
Cryobox 10x10 grid for 1.0mL cryo tubes130x130x40mmPlasticclearcase/36 pcs. 3-636-45-0
Cryobox 10x10 grid for 2.0 mL cryo tubes130x130x50mmPlasticclearcase/36 pcs. 3-637-45-0
Cryobox 10x10 grid for 4.0mL cryo tubes130x130x80mmPlasticclearcase/36 pcs. 3-638-45-0
Cryobox 10x10 grid for 5.0mL cryo tubes130x130x90mmPlasticclearcase/36 pcs. 3-639-45-0