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AHN myLab® Clinical Centrifuge

AHN myLab® Clinical Centrifuge is suitable for separation of blood, serum, plasma, urea, as well as for many other routine applications in a clinical and research lab. Contact us to test AHN myLab® Clinical Centrifuge free of charge worldwide.

AHN myLab® Clinical Centrifuge - the Ideal Choice for diagnostics

This blood separation centrifuge from AHN (also called a doctor centrifuge) has been designed for processing blood and other clinical samples in applications like PRP, by medical practitioners, pathological laboratories, as well as for routine hospital centrifugation tests.

Rotor capacity of AHN blood separation centrifuge

AHN doctor centrifuge can be ordered with three rotor options.

The swing-out rotor accommodates 6 x 10mL tubes and offers the maximum RCF up to 2270 x g. A fixed-angle rotor for 16 x 10mL tubes is also available. With this rotor, your doctor centrifuge will accelerate up to the maximum of 2180 x g. The third rotor option for AHN myLab® Clinical Centrifuge is the fixed-angle rotor, accommodating 8 x 15mL tubes and accelerating up to 1950 x g. Each rotor includes adaptors for 10mL, 9mL, 8mL, 6mL, 4mL, 3mL and 2mL tubes.

User interface and operational features of AHN myLab® Clinical Centrifuge

Depending on the rotor you have chosen, AHN myLab® Clinical Centrifuge accelerates up to a certain maximum speed. You can follow the speed acceleration on the large, comfortable display. Furthermore, you can switch between displaying the speed in RPM or RCF. AHN myLab® Clinical Centrifuge accelerates with speed intervals of 10 rpm, starting from the minimum speed of 500 rpm.

Time can be comfortably set up from 1 to 999 minutes on this doctor centrifuge. Should you need a continuous run, just set up the infinite mode. In case you need a short spin, AHN blood separation centrifuge offers you this option too! Up to 99 individual favourite protocols can be saved on this doctor centrifuge.

AHN myLab® Clinical Centrifuge - A Doctor Centrifuge made to last!

Equipped with a brushless DC motor, AHN myLab® blood separation centrifuge is maintenance-free and ideal for extended lab runs. Controlled by a microprocessor, this Clinical Centrifuge accelerates accurately, also under variable load. The robust construction and durable materials of this doctor centrifuge ensure its optimal performance over a long time of use.

AHN myLab® Clinical Centrifuge keeps User Safety in Focus!

AHN blood separation centrifuge has an imbalance function. It detects unevenly loaded samples and notifies you before you activate the centrifugation process. The Lid-Lock-System prevents the lid from opening until the rotor has stopped, in case you accidentally press the Open button while the centrifuge is running.

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Ordering Information

DescriptionCat. No.
AHN myLab® CLC-01 Clinical Centrifuge 4000 rpm7-010-00-0
Rotor options
Rotor typeSwing outFixed angleFixed angle
Capacitiy6x10 mL8x15 mL16x10 mL
Max RCF2270 x g1950 x g2180 x g
Cat. No.
Delivery package
1 pc.Clinical centrifuge 4000 rpm
1 pc.Power supply adaptor
1 pc.T‐Allen key
1 pc.Swing out rotor
2x 6 pcs.Tube holders
1 pc.Instruction manual
1 pc.Warranty card
Imbalance detectionyes, auto cut off
Timer setting1-999 mins / infinite mode
Weight7.7 kg (without rotor)
Dimensions (WxDxH)355 x 415 x 173 mm