myLab® SM-05/10/15 Heated Multiplate Stirrers

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myLab® SM-05/10/15 Heated Multiplate Stirrers

Usage – chemical and pharma industry for mixing and/or heating liquids. Maximum Speed – adjustable speed ranging from 300 to 1500 rpm with an interval of 10 rpm. Multiple capacity options – 5, 10 or 15 flasks. Optimal heating process – heating up to 120 °C with homogenous temperature distribution across the plate. Improved mixing – programmable pulse mode where the user can set the time from 30 to 99 seconds for changing the mixing direction. Time setting – ranging from 1- 999 minutes / continuous operation feature. Operation-friendly design – rubber feet for optimal stability on the bench / waterproof surface which is easy to clean and protects the equipment from accidental spills.

Ordering Information

DescriptionCat. No.
AHN myLab® SM-05 5-plate Heated Magnetic Stirrer 1500 rpm7-305-00-0
AHN myLab® SM-10 10-plate Heated Magnetic Stirrer 1500 rpm7-310-00-0
AHN myLab® SM-15 15-plate Heated Magnetic Stirrer 1500 rpm7-315-00-0
Delivery package 
1 pc.Heated Magnetic
Stirrer 1500 rpm
1 pc.Power cord
1 pc.Reference stirrer bar
1 pc.Instruction manual
1 pc.Warranty card
Number of stirring
Max. stirring quantity400 mL per position
stir bar length
25 mm
Protection classIP 42
Dimensions (WxDxH)136 x 562 x
75 mm
196 x 565 x 75 mm282 x 568 x 76 mm
Weight3.0 kg5.0 kg7.0 kg

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