AHN myLab® Plate Rotator

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AHN myLab® Plate Rotator

AHN myLab® Plate Rotator is simple, yet versatile. Designed for mixing samples in a wide range of applications like hybridization, DNA purification, protein binding, chemical processing, life science, culture agitation, immune precipitations and prevention of blood coagulation, the circular motion of AHN myLab® Plate Rotator provides gentle and effective mixing in 15mL and 50mL tubes. Contact us to test AHN myLab® Plate Rotator free of charge worldwide.

Speed and capacity of AHN myLab® Plate Rotator

AHN myLab® Plate Rotator operates at a fixed speed of 30 rpm with an accuracy of +/-2 rpm. In terms of its capacity, you can choose from 2 two plate options. The first plate option accommodates 22 x 15mL tubes and the second one holds 4 x 50mL tubes or 12 x 15mL tubes. Furthermore, AHN myLab® Plate Rotator has a maximum operational weight capacity of 1kg.

Quiet and stable operation of AHN myLab® Plate Rotator

Thanks to its AC synchronous motor, AHN myLab® Plate Rotator operates silently and can be programmed for a given time span or Continuous Mode. Small footprint and efficient housing design optimise your valuable bench space and make AHN myLab® Plate Rotator suitable for any laboratory. Simple construction, effortless removal and installation of the plates allow for easy cleaning and decontamination. AHN myLab® Plate Rotator operates stable thanks to the robust construction with strong metal frame and rubber feet. It complies with protection class of IP 21 and comes with 2 years warranty.

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Ordering Information

DescriptionCat. No.
AHN myLab® TR-03 Plate Rotator 30 rpm7-220-00-0
Plate 22 x 15 mL (included with TR-03)7-220-02-0
Optional attachmentsCat. No.
Plate 12 x 15 mL + 4 x 50 mL7-220-01-0
Delivery package 
1 pc.Plate Rotator 30 rpm
1 pc.Plate 22 x 15 mL
1 pc.Power supply adaptor
1 pc.Instruction manual
1 pc.Warranty card
Run timeContinuous / infinite
Noise levelNoiseless operation
Max. loading capacity1.0 kg
Protection classIP 21
Dimensions (WxDxH)346 x 185 x 145 mm
Weight2.5 kg

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