AHN MC-01 microcentrifuge 6000 rpm


The AHN MC-01 is one the best designed and best performing microcentrifuges on the market. With its eye-catching exterior, this compact microcentrifuge would make a great center-piece for many workbenches. Beyond the beautiful design, the AHN MC-01 microcentrifuge spins samples like a champ, accelerating up to 6000 rpm in seconds, for industry leading performance for a device of its size. In this article, we will outline some of the excellent features of the AHN-MC01 microcentrifuge.

Space-efficient and portable microcentrifuge

The small size of the AHN MC-01 microcentrifuge makes it a great little device to move around the lab from one workstation to another. With a small footprint of 162 x 157 mm, and a modest height of 115 mm, the AHN MC-01 can fit in tight spaces such as hoods and mobile laboratories. The tiny 10W power consumption also makes it a great fit for use with the built-in power sockets of laminar-flow cabinets.

Microcentrifuge with multiple rotor options

Despite it’s small size, the AHN is supplied with exchangeable rotors with capacities of up to 16 tubes. The standard 8-place rotor is designed to hold up to eight microtubes ranging from 1.5-2.0mL. For smaller microtubes (0.2-0.5mL), the AHN MC-01 microcentrifuge is supplied with vertical adaptors that are secure and easy to use. The standard rotor can be quickly swapped out for a high-capacity PCR rotor which holds up to 16 PCR tubes or two 8-tube strips.

Microcentrifuge with high-performance motor

The AHN MC-01 microcentrifuge features a maintenance-free brushless DC motor with exceptional performance. At its top settings, the high capacity motor of the AHN MC-01 microcentrifuge can spin up to 16 tubes at speeds of 6000 rpm (2000g) with minimal vibrations and superior accuracy )(±100 rpm). The well engineered closed-rotor design has excellent air-flow, keeping the motor cooled and restraining noise to levels below 55 dB for near-silent operation.

Easy-to-use microcentrifuge

The AHN MC-01 microcentrifuge is an intuitive microcentrifuge that can be put to work right out of the box. With the large, easy-to-read digital display operators can quickly adjust and check key operational settings such as the spin time. A quick-spin feature allows the microcentrifuge to be operated by simply closing the lid after loading sample tubes and stopped by opening the lid. The AHN MC-01 microcentrifuge also features tactile buttons that offer a great user experience.

Safety focused microcentrifuge

It is a well-known thing that centrifuges can be dangerous pieces of equipment and the AHN MC-01 microcentrifuge has proactive safety focused features designed to protect operators from harm. An electronic braking mechanism allows the microcentrifuge to stop the rotor immediately when the lid is opened, preventing tubes from flying out towards the operator. The lid is also secured by a solid hinge that is designed to last a lifetime.

Try out the AHN MC01 microcentrifuge today

If you would like to try out the AHN MC-01 microcentrifuge in your laboratory, you can take advantage of AHN free-trial program. This program is designed to allow scientists from anywhere around the world a chance to test out AHN excellent products such as the AHN MC-01 microcentrifuge, risk-free. That must say a lot about why we are confident that the AHN MC-01 is the ultimate microcentrifuge for any life-science lab. Click here to request a free trial unit! Our global distributor network will contact you. Trust us, it will be love at first spin!

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