Buy micro tubes and get a pipette starter pack free!

AHN Value Promotional Code #AHNVALUE2019-09

Buy 1.000 € worth of AHN myTube PCR or MCT and get one AHN Pipet4u Starter Pack free!

Offer valid for orders placed until 31.10.2019. Ensure to mention the Promotional Code on your PO.


Ordering information of the products included in this offer:

Cat. No.DescriptionCase Size
3-010-80-0AHN myTube PCR 0.2 ml, clear, flat cap10 x 1000 tubes
3-011-80-0AHN myTube PCR 0.2, clear, flat cap, sterile10 x 1000 tubes
3-205-80-0AHN myTube MT 1.5 ml, clear16 x 500 tubes
3-207-C5-0AHN myTube 1.5 ml, clear, sterile5 bags x 1000 tubes
3-204-80-0AHN myTube MT 2.0, clear15 x 500 tubes
3-208-C5-0AHN myTube MT 2.0 ml, clear, sterile5 bags x 1000 tubes


Choose one of the two Starter Packs free: 

8-SK1-99-94 pipettes (0.5-10µL,10-100µL, 100-1000µL, 2-10ml), a 6-Place Pipette Stand, 3 racks and 1 bag of Pipette Tips
8-SK2-99-94 pipettes (0.1-2,5µL, 2-20µL, 20-200µL, 100-1000µL), a 6-Place Pipette Stand, 4 racks of Pipette Tips
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