AHN Pipet4U® Revolution single-channel electronic pipette: One of the best single-channel PCR pipettes

elektronische Einkanalpipette AHN pipet4u Revolution elektronische Einkanalpipette

It is no secret, manual pipettes are so 20th century, and nowhere is this clearer than in polymerase chain reaction (PCR) workflows. Having the best pipette for PCR will make a world of a difference in PCR preparation. The AHN Pipet4U® Revolution single-channel electronic PCR pipette is packed with features designed to take your PCR

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High yield Plasmid Miniprep with AHN myTube® Spin Columns

plasmid miniprep, plasmid preparation, plasmid DNA purification

Molecular biologists often isolate plasmid DNA from microbial cells for various applications such as sequencing, cloning, and gene therapy among others. Plasmid miniprep approaches allow for rapid harvesting of plasmid DNA from bacterial cells using protocols that involve spin columns with silica-based plasmid binding filters. AHN myTube® spin columns with glass bead filters are optimized

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