myTube® MCT Microcentrifuge Tubes

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myTube® MCT Microcentrifuge Tubes

Effortless and secure handling – ergonomic cap design with hinge 15 orientation nibs (1.5 mL/2.0 mL) and safe click lock allows an easy and secure opening and closing of the tube / bottom and cap have no sharp points, gloves will not be damaged / cap of the tube is puncturable. Quick and simple volume check – tubes are equipped with precise graduation marks / 1.5 mL tube with 0.2 mL extra space and 0.5 mL tube with 0.1 mL extra space for freezing/boiling purpose. Easy sample identification – frosted marking area for easy labeling. Optical measurement and unsurpassed clarity. Elimination of contamination and loss of sample – high quality raw material meets standards of purity and is highly resistant to mechanical strain and has an excellent chemical resistance.

Centrifuge specifications:

  • up to 20.000 x g – 0.5 mL tube
  • up to 25.000 x g – 1.5 mL/2.0 mL tube

Maintain sample integrity – sterile version available. Sterile handling – micro tubes are autoclavable (opened 121 °C/ 15 min).


VolumeHeightColourSterilizedPack TypeSales UnitCat. No.
0.5 mL31.6 mmclear✔️bag5x10003-116-C5-0
1.5 mL40.9 mmclearbag16x5003-205-80-0
40.9 mmclear✔️bag5x10003-207-C5-0
40.9 mmblack*bag16x5003-205-80-7
2.0 mL41.7 mmclearbag16x5003-204-80-0
41.7 mmclear✔️bag5x10003-208-C5-0

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