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myPlate® PCR Plates

Non-skirted – for optimal fit in various thermocyclers / can be easily cut into 16, 24, 32 or 48-well pieces. Optical measurement – high transparency of PCR plates allows the use for applications where the optical qPCR signal comes from the bottom of the plate. Improved sample recovery – the V-shape bottom guarantees easier sample recovery. Low-binding – reducing the adhesion of proteins to the very minimum. Sterile handling – each lot is manufactured under strict sterile conditions. Sealable – using optical disposable adhesive for secure closure of PCR plate. Versions – available as low profile PCR plates with 0.1 mL wells and as regular profile plates with 0.2 mL well capacity. Compatibility chart available on request.


VolumeHeightColourSterilizedPack TypeSales UnitCat. No.
96 x 0.1 mL16.6 mmclearbag8x253-046-00-0
96 x 0.2 mL21.8 mmclearbag8x253-045-00-0
Optical disposable adhesivebag1x1003-047-00-0

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