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AHN Cryo Storage Boxes

Cryogenic storage of samples and reagents is an integral step in many life science laboratory workflows. Designing dependable cryo storage boxes that are tailored to meet the demands of different lab environments can be a formidable challenge. Through innovative product engineering, AHN Biotechnologie GmbH’s team of cryo storage experts has developed some of the best cryo boxes on the market. Supplied in two variants, both the AHN plastic cryo storage boxes and AHN cardboard cryo boxes are equipped with unique features designed to preserve precious life science specimens and reagents in their best state to enable groundbreaking research.

AHN plastic Cryo Storage Boxes

Created for long term cryogenic storage of life science specimens, AHN plastic cryo storage boxes are made from a bespoke, thermostable polypropylene formulation. With a wide thermal range (-150°C to +121°C), AHN plastic cryo storage boxes are built to withstand the ultra-low temperatures of cryogenic storage while enabling easy sterilization between sample batches. Supplied in a range of heights, AHN plastic cryo storage boxes can hold a broad range of cryogenic storage tubes, giving scientists extra flexibility.

We are also excited to share that AHN plastic cryo storage boxes give you extra value for your cryogenic storage investment. AHN plastic cryogenic storage boxes give scientists 23% extra storage when they choose the 10×10 grid with the streamlined AHN external thread cryotubes. Additionally, these unique cryo boxes come in a stackable 130mm x 130mm footprint that fits perfectly in most freezer racks. As a cherry on top of the cake, AHN plastic cryo storage boxes give extra storage value for small sample volumes stored in AHN’s unique 0.5ml cryogenic storage tubes. Click here to learn more about these excellent cryo storage boxes.

AHN cardboard Cryo Boxes

Designed to meet the demands of an increasingly environmentally aware scientific community, AHN cardboard cryo boxes offer excellent quality without compromising their cryogenic storage value. These moisture stable cryo boxes are crafted from moisture resistant cardboard that will stay firm through the multiple freeze-thaw cycles of routine cryogenic storage. Supplied in a range of brilliant, eye-catching colors, AHN cardboard cryo boxes make sample sorting a breeze for anyone working with samples for cryogenic storage. Additionally, AHN cardboard cryo boxes are easy to recycle and reduce the carbon footprint of life science labs. Click here to read more on the eco-friendly AHN cardboard cryo boxes.

Additional Cryo Storage Products

To complement your selection of AHN plastic cryo storage boxes and/or AHN cardboard cryo boxes, we recommend that you take time to explore the other cryogenic storage products in our portfolio. Click here to view the other products in our cryo storage range.

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