Upping the ante on COVID-19 sample processing delays with AHN myTube™ cryopreservation solutions

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic caught most countries off-guard as it began spreading its nasty tentacles around the globe in the first quarter of 2020. As a result of the rapid spread of this pandemic, many diagnostic laboratories around the world are struggling to cope with sample volumes as the rate of infection keeps rising. As sample integrity is key to the success of our joined efforts to flatten the curve as soon as possible, AHN myTube™ cryopreservation solutions may help your lab up the ante on COVID-19 sample processing.

Reliable sample preservation

When delays are anticipated in shipping or processing samples, the CDC strongly recommends preserving the specimens at -80°C or below. With AHN myTube™ cryovials and, diagnostic samples for COVID-19 testing can be reliably preserved at temperatures as low as -150°C, as well as liquid nitrogen in vapor phase (-196°C) . This prevents RNA degradation and allows patients to get correct results in a timely manner without the inconvenience of resampling.

Easy sample tracking

AHN myTube™ cryovials make sample tracking easy for everyone along the COVID-19 specimen chain of custody. Our color cryo vial cap inserts come in six different color combinations, allowing samples to be grouped up into a maximum of six categories. Our cryo boxes are available in 5 different colors and supplied with alphanumeric sample sorting system to further minimise the risk of sample misidentification.

IATA compliant

AHN myTube™ cryo vials conform to the latest edition of the IATA regulations for air shipping. This means that COVID-19 samples can be safely transported from the point of collection to the processing lab. This, along with other recommended safety measures, protects shipping handlers and other people from potential infection and ensure sample integrity during air transportation.

Together we can overcome the pandemic

At AHN Biotechnology GmbH, we are committed to providing the best tools to enable the self-sacrificing frontline workers at hospitals, diagnostic laboratories and other related facilities win the fight against SARS-CoV-2. With our AHN myTube™ cryopreservation solutions, we believe we can accelerate sample processing and save many lives through early detection of COVID-19. Together, we can flatten the curve. Contact us today to learn more about the best AHN myTube™ products for your laboratory.

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