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AHN Biotechnologie GmbH offers a wide range of superior quality PCR consumables that deliver reliable performance when used with any of several thermocyclers from the leading brands. AHN PCR consumables also offer excellent temperature calibration for even heat distribution throughout the reaction mix. Supplied in a range of formats, most labs will find several AHN PCR consumables that perfectly fit their unique PCR workflows. Read on to quickly scan over the key highlights of AHN’s exceptional quality PCR consumables. For more details on the PCR consumables highlighted below, click on the link supplied at the end of each paragraph.

Exceptional PCR Tubes

The AHN myTube® line of PCR tubes offers exceptional value at an affordable price. Thanks to their universal-fit design, AHN myTube® PCR tubes are available in a range of formats compatible with both standard and fast PCR/qPCR thermocyclers. Designed and crafted by some of the most talented product engineers, AHN myTube® PCR tubes have thin walls that provide efficient heat transfer from the thermocycler block to the reaction mix every single time. Additionally, AHN myTube® PCR tubes are manufactured to meet exacting sterility standards to minimize the risk of sample contamination. You can count on your order of AHN myTube® PCR tubes to be free of PCR contaminants such as DNA, RNA, DNases, RNases, pyrogens, heavy metals and ATP among others. Click here to learn more about the exceptional AHN myTube® PCR tubes.

World-class PCR Strips

Just like the excellent quality AHN myTube® single PCR tubes, AHN myTube® PCR strips offer class-leading PCR performance that scientists can count on every single time. Crafted from a bespoke blend of high-grade USP VI polypropylene, AHN myTube® PCR strips allow for excellent heat transfer without the risk of melting, cracking or interacting with the reaction mix. The uniform, thin walls of AHN 8-tube PCR strips also enhance the thermal efficiency of these industry leading reaction vessels. To prevent sample contamination, AHN myTube® PCR strips are manufactured in a cleanroom facility and are certified free of contaminants such as PCR inhibitors, pyrogens, heavy metals, nucleic acids and nucleases just to name a few. For enhanced productivity, AHN myTube® PCR strips are fully compatible with the multifunctional AHN myTube® decapping tool. Click here to find out more information on the AHN myTube® PCR strips and how they can fit into your workflow.

High efficiency PCR Plates

AHN myPlate® PCR plates redefine the standard for 96-well non-skirted PCR plates by packing a ton of value in a compact sheet of polymer. Crafted from AHN Biotechnologie GmbH’s bespoke blend of transparent, uber-flexible polypropylene, myPlate® PCR plates have best-in-class thermal performance and will not fail during the thermal highs and lows of PCR and qPCR. As an additional benefit the choice polymer and V-shaped design of AHN myPlate® PCR plates provides very low surface adhesion to minimize protein binding while maximizing sample recovery. Just like AHN myTube® PCR tubes and AHN myTube® PCR strips, AHN myPlate® PCR plates are manuafactured to meet exacting quality standards and they are certified free of all common PCR contaminants. Available in both low-profile and regular profile formats, AHN myPlate® PCR plates are perfectly suited for use with leading brands of fast thermocyclers and standard thermocyclers respectively. Depending on the desired application, AHN myPlate® PCR plates can be sealed with caps or the more convenient sealing membranes. Click here to learn more about the unique advantages of AHN myPlate® PCR plates.

Extra value AHN PCR Consumables

AHN Biotechnologie GmbH’s PCR consumables line-up would not be complete without making mention of the game changing PCR plate seals and the timesaving myTube® decapping tool. AHN myPlate® seals are the PCR consumables designed for lab workflows that rely heavily on the use of PCR plates. With their thermostable adhesive these PCR consumables always create a seamless seal on all compatible PCR plates eliminating the challenge of sample evaporation. Placing or removing AHN myPlate® seals from PCR plates is a breeze with the AHN myTube® decapping tool, making these PCR consumables the perfect accessories for high-throughput PCR workflows. Click here to learn more about these extra value PCR consumables.

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