myDpette® Bottle Top Dispenser

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myDpette® Bottle Top Dispenser

Unique piston mechanism – cleaning of piston and cylinder without affecting the calibration. Dual graduation marks – readability of the volume from both sides. Springless valve design – leads to smooth functioning and high chemical resistance. Eco-friendly – while discharging the tubes in the re-circulation mode, in fast priming, the reagent is being redirected back into the bottle, eliminating any waste of precious reagents, ensuring safety and savings. Easy handling – discharge tube with 360° rotation, makes the bottle label visible all the time / telescoping filling tube compatible with different sizes of reagent bottles / ergonomic grip. Easy to calibrate – complies with ISO 8655-5 standard.

Ordering Information

DescriptionSales UnitCat. No.
AHN myDpette Bottle Top Dispenser 0.25-2.5 mLCarton/1 pc.8-700-00-0
AHN myDpette Bottle Top Dispenser 0.5-5.0 mLCarton/1 pc.8-701-00-0
AHN myDpette Bottle Top Dispenser 1.0-10.0 mLCarton/1 pc.8-702-00-0
AHN myDpette Bottle Top Dispenser 2.5-25.0 mLCarton/1 pc.8-703-00-0
AHN myDpette Bottle Top Dispenser 5.0-50.0 mLCarton/1 pc.8-704-00-0
Delivery package
1pc.Bottle top dispenser
4 pcs.Adapters (28, 38, 40 and 45 mm screw cap)
1 pc.Telescopic filling tube
1 pc.Re-circulation tube
1 pc.Calibration tool
1 pc.User manual
1 pc.Certificate of conformity
1 pc.Calibration report
1 pc.Warranty card

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