Introducing the AHN myLab® Tube Rotator with Fibre Body

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Tube (or plate) rotators are popular laboratory instruments used for sample mixing and processing in many fields including molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology and more. Tube Rotators use a gentle rotatory motion to homogeneously rotate samples at a constant or variable speed.

Application scope of AHN myLab® Tube Rotator

The AHN myLab® Tube Rotator is designed for use in processing a variety of liquid and powdered biological samples in different laboratory settings.

The most common use cases include:

  • Processing of blood samples to prevent or delay coagulation for histological assays
  • Culture agitation to ensure minimal cell-cell adhesion and cell-container adhesion
  • Culture aeration to minimise anaerobic zonation in the culture vessel
  • Immunoprecipitation protocols
  • Nucleic acid purification for molecular biology experiments

Why choose the AHN myLab® Tube Rotator?

Quiet and reliable motor

The AHN myLab® Tube Rotator features a powerful AC synchronous motor capable of running continuously for long periods without overheating. The Tube Rotator may also be programmed for shorter runs. The rotary motor is very silent and coupled with the new fibre-body design, the AHN myLab® Tube Rotator is barely audible while in operation.

Small footprint

The compact footprint means that the AHN myLab® Tube Rotator can be placed on any benchtop without using up too much space. This is the ideal solution for modern lab that always seem short on space for the various tools and equipment that make twenty-first century science such a fascinating endeavour.

Easy installation

Installation of the AHN myLab® Tube Rotator is painless, and it comes with quick-setup guides that are easy to follow. The product also features removable plates that can be replaced by simply turning the mounting screws in the appropriate direction for removal and inserting of new plates.

Exchangeable plates

The product accepts two plate options which are tailored to meet the most common use cases. The first plate configuration accepts up to twenty-two 15 mL sample tubes. This is ideal for processing large numbers of low volume specimens in the least number of runs. The second plate configuration accepts a greater range of sample vials, holding either twelve 15 mL tubes or four 50 mL tubes per run. Both plate configurations are readily available from AHN Biotechnologie. Such flexibility makes it more affordable to purchase exchangeable plates without spending on two dedicated Tube Rotators.

IP 21 protection

The AHN myLab® Tube Rotator is supplied with an IP rating of 21 which means that it will not be damaged by normal use in and around the laboratory. It is also protected against dripping water and condensation. The product comes with a standard two-year warranty from AHN Biotechnologie.

Speed accuracy

Our AHN myLab® Tube Rotator has a constant operating speed of 30 rpm with an accuracy in the range of +/-2 rpm. This ensures repeatable protocols and reproducible results across different batches. We have carefully engineered our product to satisfy the accuracy requirements of the most meticulous scientists.

AHN myLab® Tube Rotator – now in a new fibre body

The new AHN myLab® Tube Rotator now comes in an improved fibre body that is both aesthetically appealing and robust for everyday use in the laboratory. Our move to a fibre-based construction was inspired by more than just the aesthetics, which are super important of course, and here are some advantages of the fibre over the metal body of the previous iteration:

Less weight

The already compact AHN myLab® Tube Rotator is now much lighter due to the new fibre body. This makes it even easier to transport the product from one point to another in the lab without any worry of fatigue.

Rust resistance

The fibre body is rust resistant and will have a higher humidity tolerance than metal, ensuring your beautiful shiny tool will remain … well … your beautiful shiny tool for a long time. Metal has a tendency to rust when exposed to aqueous environments and the new industrial design means that you can work without fear of ruining your AHN myLab® Tube Rotator with the occasional spills and unexpected increases in humidity.

Easy cleaning

While the previous version of the AHN myLab® Tube Rotator was very easy to clean, the new fibre body makes routine maintenance a breeze, giving our customers more time for the things that really matter in their lives, their experiments of course!

Less vibrations

With a new fibre body, our product is now less prone to vibrations. This means that the AHN myLab® Tube Rotator can be safely operated alongside fragile laboratory equipment on the workbench without any fears of damaging the latter.

Did we say it’s silent?

We take pride in fine tuning our instruments and we love to reemphasize this point whenever we can. In additional to the already quiet AC synchronous motor, the fibre-construction of the new AHN myLab® Tube Rotator translates to less vibrations which practically translates to even less noise during operation.

Summarizing AHN myLab® Tube Rotator

The new fibre-body AHN Tube Rotator is made to the same quality standards that characterise the AHN myLab® range of benchtop equipment that includes microcentrifuges and centrifuges, mixers, magnetic stirrers, rollers and rotators. The refreshed AHN myLab® Tube Rotator with a new fibre body builds on the great features of the previous iteration and affirms our commitment to providing our customers with world class products.

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