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The super-fast RC-01 AHN myLab® Refrigerated Centrifuge

Without a doubt, the AHN myLab® refrigerated centrifuge is the ultimate refrigerated microcentrifuge for life science applications. This highly optimized piece of engineering genius has all the bells and whistles, and it is built to deliver unparalleled performance. With its ultra-high-speed motor and extended rotor capacity, the RC-01 myLab® refrigerated centrifuge delivers impressive results always for any life science centrifugation needs. Here are some reasons why many laboratories are upgrading to the RC-01 myLab® refrigerated centrifuge.

Intuitive Refrigerated Centrifuge

Designed for the modern lab, the myLab® refrigerated centrifuge comes furnished with an intuitive control panel. At the center of the user interface is a back-lit LCD display that is bright and easy to read. This digital display has a 4-row layout that keeps all key operating parameters right in front of the operator. The myLab® refrigerated centrifuge has a programmable memory holding up to 99 unique programs (30 sec – 999 min runtime). These can be set using the clearly labelled one-touch buttons arranged neatly around the large digital display.

Ultra-cool Refrigerated Centrifuge

The myLab® refrigerated centrifuge offers programmable thermal control, enabling the users adjustment of the temperature of the rotor chamber to an ultra-low -20⁰C. With highly optimized thermal sensors, the operating temperatures are virtually constant (±4⁰C) even at maximum spinning speeds. For fast chilling, the preset quick cooling mode reduces the temperature of the rotor chamber by 4⁰C below ambient in a short time. The myLab® refrigerated centrifuge is your dependable partner for spinning down temperature sensitive samples without compromising their integrity.

Refrigerated Centrifuge with powerful brushless DC motor

Driving the AHN myLab® refrigerated centrifuge’s unparalleled performance is a fine-tuned brushless DC motor. This performance optimized motor delivers top speeds of up to 15.000 rpm for extended periods (~999 min) without breaking a sweat. The maintenance-free brushless design increases motor longevity while also reducing the frequency of service calls. One feature of the AHN myLab® refrigerated centrifuge’s brushless DC motor that all users will appreciate is the unmatched quietness of the centrifuge during operation. With the silent motor, the myLab® refrigerated centrifuge just purrs along hardly noticed. Lastly, the motor design drastically reduces vibrations for an overall pleasant user experience.

The AHN myLab® refrigerated centrifuge 24-place-rotor (21420 x g) is designed for standard 1.5mL and 2mL tubes, covering the most common life-science applications.

Safety focused Refrigerated Centrifuge

User safety is baked right into the core of the AHN myLab® refrigerated centrifuge’s design to minimize user injury. The lid has a safety lock the prevents accidental opening while the rotor is spinning. All the rotors also feature screw-on metal lids that keep the sample tubes in place. The myLab® refrigerated centrifuge also features an elegantly curved body that minimizes injury from sharp corners. Lastly, and most importantly, is the sturdy 43-kilogram weight of the myLab® refrigerated centrifuge that stabilizes on the workbench during operation.

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Ordering Information

DescriptionCat. No.
AHN myLab® RC-01 Refrigerated Centrifuge (without rotor)7-040-00-0
Fix angle rotor, for 24 1.5mL/ 2.0mL MT, 21420xg CR-15-24
Fix angle rotor for 44x 1.5mL/ 2.0mL MT, 22388 x gCR-15-44
Fix angle rotor for 8x 5.0mL MT, 18462 x gCR-15-8
Fix angle rotor for 4 strips of 8x 0.2mL/ 0.5mL PCR tubes, 15397 x g CR-15-4
Delivery Package
1 pc.AHN myLab® RC-01 Refrigerated Centrifuge (rotor to be ordered individually)
1 pc.Instruction manual
1 pc. Warranty card
Refrigeration Temp. RangeDown to -20°C
Speed Range500-15.000 RPM
Time Settings30 sec. – 999 min. or infinite
DisplayLarge Back Lit LCD
Programmable FeatureUp to 99 user-defined programs of 4 lines each
Lid Lock Safety FeatureYES
Imbalance DetectionYES
Dimensions (L x W x H)452 x 314 x 278mm
Weight43 KG (incl. rotor)