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AHN myLab® CLC-02: The Ideal Blood Separation Centrifuge

The AHN myLab® CLC-02 blood separation centrifuge is an excellent example of how the latest technologies can be leveraged for better efficiency in the clinical laboratory. This compact and lightweight blood separation centrifuge features an advanced microprocessor designed to always give operators granular control. The AHN myLab® CLC-02 also features a powerful brushless DC motor and excellent safety features. In this article, we will highlight some of the stand-out features of the modern and sleek AHN myLab® CLC-02 blood separation centrifuge.

Blood Separation Centrifuge with an intuitive user interface

Conveniently located at the front of the device, is an intuitive control panel that gives users full control of the AHN myLab® CLC-02 experience. A large digital display sits prominently at the top of the user interface panel, providing key operating information at a glance. Bright LED indicators keep users aware of the parameter they are adjusting (i.e. time, RPM/RCF). The AHN myLab® CLC-02 has eight responsive touch buttons (including a one-touch RPM/RCF switch) that make quick work of programming the blood separation centrifuge.

Microprocessor controlled blood separation centrifuge

Unlike other centrifuges that simply spin samples without much customization of operating variables, the AHN myLab® CLC-02 blood separation centrifuge features advanced microprocessor control. This allows users to adjust the length and speed of any spin cycle with a high degree of accuracy. Operators can add their frequently used spin programs to memory for future use. When the machine is restarted or there is a power loss, users can use the last last-run memory function to continue with their last spin program, cutting down on set-up times.

Blood Separation Centrifuge with long life motor

Driving the AHN myLab® CLC-02 blood separation centrifuge is a brushless DC motor. Featuring a touch of engineering genius, this innovative brushless DC motor is designed to give the AHN myLab® CLC-02 long, maintenance-free service. This translates to minimum downtime for mission-critical laboratories that need a dependable blood separation centrifuge ready at all times. The motor in AHN myLab® CLC-02 blood separation centrifuges is configured to offer high precision spin speeds ranging between 500 – 4500 rpm.

Blood Separation Centrifuge for 15- & 50-mL tubes

Convenience is always a driver of thoughtful design and nowhere is this demonstrated more clearly than in the rotor of the AHN myLab® CLC-02 blood separation centrifuge. We have dubbed it the combi rotor, and it is easy to see why. With its clever 8-slot design, the combi rotor of the AHN myLab® CLC-02 centrifuge accommodates the two most common sizes of blood separation centrifuge tubes. At maximum capacity, the combi rotor fits a total of eight 15 mL tubes or four 50 mL tubes. This cuts down the time spent switching rotors, all while increasing operator efficiency.

Safety oriented Blood Separation Centrifuge

The AHN myLab® CLC-02 blood separation centrifuge has excellent safety features designed to keep an injury-free lab environment. An automatic cut-off load imbalance feature prevents the blood separation centrifuge from spinning with an unbalanced load. When a spin cycle starts, the lid is automatically locked, and the latch is only released after the motor has stopped running to protect users from accessing the spinning rotor. A smart airflow design keeps the operating noise well below 60 dB while protecting samples from elevated temperatures during spin cycles.

Order your AHN myLab® CLC-02 Blood Separation Centrifuge today

We created the AHN myLab® CLC-02 to be the ultimate blood separation centrifuge for clinical laboratories that value quality and efficiency. Our word can only go so far in outlining the excellent features that we packed in this outstanding device. If you would like to experience the AHN myLab® CLC-02 blood separation centrifuge in your own lab environment, contact us and we will arrange a free demonstration unit via our global distributor network. We are confident that you will enjoy the experience, so, what are you waiting for?

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Ordering Information

DescriptionCat. No.
AHN myLab® CLC-02 Clinical Centrifuge 4500 rpm!7-011-00-0
Delivery package
1 pc.Clinical centrifuge 4500 rpm
1 pc.Power supply adaptor
1 pc.T‐Allen key
1 pc.Fixed angle combi rotor (4x50mL/1985g and 8x15mL/1985g)
2x 6 pcs.Tube holders
1 pc.Instruction manual
1 pc.Warranty card
DisplayLarge, easy-to-read digital display
Motor typeBrushless DC motor
RotorFixed angle combi rotor (4x50mL/1985g and 8x15mL/1985g)
Rotor capacity8 x 15 mL / 4 x 50 mL tubes
Relative Centrifugal Force1985 x g (max.)
Speed settings500 - 4500 rpm (max.)
Timer setting1 - 99 mins and infinity
Noise level< 60 dB
Device weight4 Kgs (approx.)
Dimensions (WxDxH)330 x 265 x 161 mm
Imbalance detection Yes