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AHN myTip® Micropipette Tips

AHN myTip® Pipette Tips are the perfect choice for any lab. Ensure your results are stable and reliable by pipetting with AHN myTip® Micropipette Tips.

Material Quality used for AHN myTip® Micropipette Tips

AHN myTip® Pipette Tips are manufactured from non-cytotoxic, biologically inert and highly transparent, medical-grade virgin polypropylene. They are free from bioactive additives, softening agents such as biocides, slip and antistatic agents. AHN myTip® Pipette Tips are universally compatible with the majority of commonly used pipette brands.

Ultimate purity of AHN myTip® Pipette Tips

AHN myTip® Micropipette Tips are free from DNase, RNase, Human DNA, Pyrogen and PCR inhibitor. On the top of that, the special design of AHN myTip® Pipette Tips prevents DNA denaturalization. A sterile version, obtained through beta irradiation, is available.

Ultimate finish of AHN myTip® Micropipette Tips

Manufactured in a top modern, automated production facility, located in Central Germany and utilizing state of the art Swiss-made, diamond finish molds, AHN myTip® Pipette Tips offer flawless and extra smooth internal surface, along with an ultimate finish. AHN myTip® Micropipette Tips are manufactured in a clean room, world class, fully automated, human touch-free production facility, under strictly controlled environment.

Innovative design of AHN myTip® Pipette Tips

Thanks to improved cone geometry, AHN myTip® Micropipette Tips ensure universal fit on all commonly used pipette brands, as well as easy and effortless ejection. See the full compatibility list of AHN myTip® Pipette Tips. AHN myTip® Micropipette Tips are also equipped with graduation marks, enabling quick and convenient visual volume check, minimizing the error risk during aspiration. The unique design of AHN myTip® Pipette Tips allows for easy loading and ejection with the very minimum force requirement, preventing from repetitive strain injuries.

Testing and packaging options of AHN myTip® Pipette Tips

Contact us for free samples of AHN myTip® Pipette Tips worldwide. AHN myTip® Micropipette Tips are available racked and in bulks, in sterile and non-sterile versions.


VolumeLengthColourSterilizedPack TypeSales UnitCat. No.
AHN myTip® 10 µL31.20 mmclearbag20x10001-002-81-0
AHN myTip® 10/20 µL, XL45.80 mmclearbag20x10001-062-81-0
AHN myTip® 200 µL53.40 mmclearbag30x10001-121-86-0
AHN myTip® 200 µL53,40 mmyellowbag30x10001-121-86-1
AHN myTip® Gelloader 200 µL68.50 mmclearbag5x10001-130-70-0
AHN myTip® 300 µL59.35 mmclearbag10x10001-127-80-0
AHN myTip® 1000 µL84,30 mmclearbag20x5001-202-80-0
AHN myTip® 1000 µ84.30 mmbluebag20x5001-202-80-2
AHN myTip® 1250 µL97.60 mmclearbag20x5001-204-80-0
AHN myTip® MaT 5 mL124.00 mmclearbag10x2501-218-61-0
AHN myTip® MaT 5 mL126,00 mmclearbag8x2501-210-84-0
AHN myTip® MaT 5.5 mL147.50 mmclearbag8x2501-212-84-0
AHN myTip® MaT 10 mL181.00 mmclearbag5x2001-220-50-0
AHN myTip® MaT 10 mL150,00 mmclearbag10x1001-213-50-0