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AHN Reagent Reservoirs

The new, modern AHN reagent reservoirs are a fantastic addition to your liquid transfer workflow. These disposable polystyrene reagent reservoirs allow for high-throughput liquid transfer in all your manual pipetting procedures. With the new AHN reagent reservoirs you can speed up ELISA, PCR, and many other laboratory procedures without sacrificing pipetting accuracy. Here are some reasons why you might consider picking up a set of these excellent reagent reservoirs.

Excellent size selection of AHN Reagent Reservoirs

AHN reagent reservoirs come in a range of sizes that are tailored for use with all AHN single and multichannel pipettes. The 10mL reagent reservoirs are our smallest size offering and these would pair well with AHN pipet4u® 8- and 16-channel pipettes. In the middle of the range are the flat-bottomed 25mL reservoirs that would perfectly complement AHN pipet4u® Pro multi-channel pipettes. At the larger end of the spectrum are the 50mL AHN reagent reservoirs that, like the 10mL reagent reservoirs, feature a V-shaped bottom with zero dead volume.

Reagent Reservoirs for an Optimized Volume Control

AHN reagent reservoirs have some nifty features that make it simple to stay in control of reagent volumes. Indelible interior graduation marks offer a visual guide that helps to make sure the correct volume of reagents is added to the reagent reservoirs. Angled interiors provide an ergonomic way to read the graduation marks and check remaining reagent volumes. The angled sides of AHN reagent reservoir also reduce dead volume and maximize sample withdrawal during pipetting. With AHN reagent reservoirs you always stay on top of your liquid transfer game.

Reagent Reservoirs with a Robust Material Construction

AHN reagent reservoirs are constructed from our unique formulation of polystyrene that provides a great degree of chemical stability. The specially formulated polystyrene material used in manufacturing AHN reagent reservoirs offers superior chemical compatibility. With AHN reagent reservoirs you can store an extensive range of molecular biology reagents without worrying about losses in potency as a result of chemical interactions with the walls of the reservoir.

Thoughtful Design Extras

AHN reagent reservoirs have a wide base that offers great stability on workbenches. At each corner, the new AHN reagent reservoirs have a pour spout that makes it easy to offload excess liquid into a storage bottle with minimum spillage. An intuitive and functional ridge design makes quick work of stacking the reservoirs, cutting down on space requirements during storage. Separating stacked reagent reservoirs is as easy as stacking them with the conveniently located finger tab at the base of each reservoir.

Order Your AHN Reagent Reservoirs Today

Click here to get your hands on a free sample of the new AHN reagent reservoirs. We are so confident that you will have a pleasant experience with your sample that we will ship it to you free of charge! Yes, you read that right – FREE! That must say a lot about how much quality we have packed into these excellent reagent reservoirs. With AHN you have a partner for all your liquid transfer needs.

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