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AHN myTube® PCR Tubes

AHN myTube® PCR Tubes are available as 0.2 mL, suitable for standard PCR/qPCR thermocyclers, requiring regular profile tubes, and as 0.1 mL – for the use in fast PCR/qPCR thermocyclers, requiring low profile tubes. The ergonomic flat cap design of AHN myTube® PCR Tubes enables one-hand opening and closing. AHN myTube® PCR Tubes can withstand up to 18.000 x g in a fixed-angle rotor and up to 500 x g in a swing out rotor. Contact us to test AHN myTube® PCR Tubes free of charge worldwide.

Universal fit of AHN myTube® PCR Tubes

AHN myTube® PCR Tubes are made from a unique blend of flexible and ultra transparent Polypropylene (PP), preventing the tubes from cracking upon drastic temperature changes and ensuring their universal fit into the majority of fast and standard thermocyclers. Thermocycler compatibility chart is available on request.

Ultimate heat transfer and transparency of AHN myTube® PCR Tubes

AHN myTube® PCR Tubes are designed for a wide range of PCR and qPCR applications and especially recommended for those applications, where the optical qPCR signal is obtained through the bottom of the tubes. Thanks to the optimal heat transfer and sample security, AHN myTube® PCR Tubes offer excellent performance and value.

AHN myTube® PCR Tubes have uniform thin walls, designed for the most efficient rapid thermal transfer and minimal condensation. Featured with extra low adhesion, the inner surface of AHN myTube® PCR Tubes is specially treated to reduce the binding of protein. Moreover, the V shaped bottom allows total sample recovery.

Sterility standards of AHN myTube® PCR Tubes

Manufactured under strict sterile conditions AHN myTube® PCR Tubes are DNA, DNase, RNA, RNase, ATP, PCR Inhibitor, Heavy Metal and Pyrogen Free. On top of that, AHN myTube® PCR Tubes are highly resistant to extreme mechanical strain and have excellent chemical resistance and are autoclavable.

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VolumeHeightColourSterilizedPack TypeSales UnitCat. No.
0.1 mL16.6 mmclearbag20x10003-000-80-0
0.2 mL21.5 mmclearbag10x10003-010-80-0
21.5 mmclear✔️bag10x10003-011-80-0

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