AHN myLab® Centrifuge 6000 rpm

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myLab Centrifuge 6000 rpm

myLab Centrifuge 6000 rpm is compact and powerful. It accelerates microtubes up to 2000 g in a matter of seconds, quietly and remaining firmly attached to your benchtop. The ultimate choice for any lab! Contact us to test myLab Centrifuge 6000 rpm free of charge worldwide.

Unique design of myLab Centrifuge 2000 g

myLab Centrifuge 2000 g has a unique design. Its rotor is closed, minimizing the operational noise and protecting the samples from heat generated by the engine. myLab Centrifuge 6000 rpm is equipped with a brushless DC motor. This type of motor technology is maintenance-free. It ensures that myLab Centrifuge 6000 rpm can work continuously over longer time.

Rotor capacity of myLab Centrifuge 6000 rpm

myLab Centrifuge 6000 rpm comes with a built in 8-place rotor. It accommodates 1.5mL and 2mL microtubes. Smaller tubes, like 0.2mL and 0.5mL can also be processed, using the standard adaptors provided with myLab Centrifuge 2000 g.

A PCR rotor for 2 strips of 8 tubes is also supplied as a standard. myLab Centrifuge 6000 rpm enables easy rotor change, by using a key provided with the instrument.

Focus on user safety and work comfort with myLab Centrifuge 6000 rpm

myLab Centrifuge 2000 g offers increased user safety. The electronic brake will prevent the lid from opening, in case you accidentally press the lid upon operation. With myLab Centrifuge 2000 g you can do short runs, by simply closing and opening the lid. The extremely small footprint will save a lot of space on your bench.

Fields of use of myLab Centrifuge 6000 rpm

myLab Centrifuge 6000 rpm is suitable for microfiltration, cell separation, centrifugal tube sedimentation and spin down applications.

myLab Centrifuge 6000 rpm can be used in hoods and cold rooms. It tolerates temperatures up to 40°C and humidity condensation up to 80%. Speed accuracy is +/- 100 rpm.


DescriptionCat. No.
AHN myLab® MC-01 Microcentrifuge 6000 rpm7-000-01-0
Delivery package 
1 pc.Microcentrifuge 6000 rpm
1 pc.1.5 / 2.0 mL closed rotor
1 pc.PCR strip rotor
1 pc.Allen wrench
8 pcs.Individual adaptor for 0.2 mL tubes
8 pcs.Individual adaptor for 0.5 mL tubes
1 pc.External power adaptor
1 pc.Instruction manual
1 pc.Warranty card
1 pc.Declaration of conformity
Noise level< 55 db
Quick spin featureyes, lid activated on/off
Power consumption10 W
Dimensions (WxDxH)162 x 157 x 115 mm

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