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AHN myPlate® PCR Plate Seals: Seamless every time

Running multi-sample polymerase chain reaction (PCR) experiments with PCR plates has been a game-changer for many years. The convenience and speed that PCR plates afford have accelerated molecular biology research in ways that may never be fully accounted for. While most scientists would agree that PCR plates have been revolutionary, few give credit to an unsung hero that can make or break an experimental run – the humble adhesive PCR plate seal. With the latest AHN myPlate® PCR plate seals, we are on a mission to give these often-ignored tools their rightful place. Contact us to test PCR sealing foil free of charge worldwide!

Thermostable Adhesive PCR Plate Seals

All variants of AHN myPlate® adhesive PCR plate seals come with a large temperature tolerance that makes them useful for PCR as well as storage of plates prior to, or after amplification. With operating temperatures ranging from -40ºC to 120ºC, AHN myPlate® PCR plate seals can withstand the thermal fluctuations of PCR amplification cycles, while providing excellent sample protection in cold storage. The special AHN myPlate® Aluminum membrane PCR sealing foil allows for ultra-low temperature storage with its operating temperatures of -80ºC to 120ºC.

Evaporation resistant Adhesive PCR Plate Seals

The elevated temperatures achieved by thermocycler blocks often lead to frustration when researchers experience loss of sample volume to evaporation. To minimize the chances of this happening to your samples, AHN myPlate® adhesive PCR plate seals feature a strong, temperature-stable adhesive that offers excellent protection against evaporation. With average evaporation rates below 5%, AHN myPlate® adhesive PCR plate seals help you get the most out of your precious and often limited PCR samples. The adhesive on AHN myPlate® adhesive PCR plate seals is also non-sticky, for quick and easy removal without creating a mess on your gloves.

Wide range of sealing membranes for AHN myPlate® PCR Plates

Individual tubes on AHN myPlate® PCR Plates can be closed with a range of sealing membranes. Disposable myPlate® PCR Plates sealing membranes are a great option for regular PCR (temp. 40-120⁰C). With a strong adhesive, these membranes provide a perfect seal that keeps evaporation rates lower than 5% throughout the entire PCR. AHN myPlate® PCR Plates optical sealing membranes offer uninterrupted signal detection for real time PCR (temp. 40-120⁰C). Optical membranes feature high light transmittance and a strong, pressure-sensitive adhesive. Last, and certainly not least, are the aluminum AHN myPlate® PCR Plates membranes that can be used for PCR (temp. 80-120⁰C) and storage. An optional AHN decapping tool makes it easy to add and remove sealing membranes without damaging them or impeding light flow.

Cost-saving Adhesive PCR Plate Seals

Whenever scientists run an inefficient PCR setup with plates that are not completely sealed, or with adhesive PCR plates that have inadequate protection against sample evaporation, they often must redo the experiment multiple times. This translates to a huge expense when measured in the value of time lost and the expenditure on reagents and consumables. AHN myPlate® adhesive PCR plate seals are designed to fit snugly over a range of PCR plates from many of the popular brands on the market. This, along with the excellent protection against sample loss through evaporation, makes AHN myPlate® adhesive PCR plate seals ideal for minimizing expenditure on PCR reagents and consumables.

Contaminant-free Adhesive PCR Plate Seals

The success of PCR partly depends on the use of high-quality, contaminant-free consumables that will not produce erroneous results because of molecular interference or enzyme inhibition. All AHN myPlate® PCR plate seals are manufactured in a cleanroom environment that meets international quality standards. Each AHN myPlate® adhesive PCR plate seal is quality controlled against DNases and RNases that degrade nucleic acids in PCR runs. AHN myPlate® PCR plate seals are also guaranteed free of DNA, ATP, PCR inhibitors, and endotoxins. For extra protection, myPlate® adhesive PCR plate seals are supplied in a small package that reduces the chances of contamination by other researchers in the lab.

Wide range of PCR Plate Seals

AHN myPlate® adhesive PCR plate seals are supplied in a range of options to meet the needs of different experimental setups. The AHN myPlate® PCR Sealing Membrane (Cat. No. 3-048-00-0) is an excellent general-purpose adhesive PCR plate seal that can be used for a broad range of 96-well plate PCR protocols. For real-time PCR, AHN Biotechnologie manufactures two adhesive PCR plate seal variants with high light transmittance for reliable data collection during amplification. The AHN myPlate® qPCR Sealing Membrane (Cat. No. 3-048-02-0) is a dependable workhorse for general-purpose qPCR applications, while the AHN myPlate® qPCR Optical Sealing Membrane (Cat. No. 3-048-01-0) features a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Lastly, the pierceable AHN myPlate® PCR sealing foil (Cat. No. 3-048-03-0) can be perforated with a pipette tip for easy sample extraction.

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VolumeFeaturesPack TypeSales UnitCat. No.
96 Well Plate Sealing Membrane- operating temperature -40°C - 120°C
- PCR use
- strong adhesive
96 Well Plate Optical Sealing Membrane- operating temperature -40°C - 120°C
- Real-Time PCR (qPCR) use
- strong pressure sensitive adhesive
- thickness of 2.02 mm
96 Well Plate Optical Sealing Membrane- operating temperature -40°C - 120°C
- Real-Time PCR (qPCR) use
- strong adhesive
- thickness of 2.51 mm
Aluminium Membrane- operating temperature -80°C - 120°C
- PCR or Storage use
- strong adhesive piercable