AHN myLab® Universal Centrifuge

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AHN myLab® Universal Centrifuge

The AHN myLab® Universal Centrifuge can be used with a wide range of rotor options, this guarantees the most versatile scope of application. The brushless DC motor technology sustains durability and high performance over many years of use. The speed is adjustable up to your needs and ranges from 500 to 4.500 rpm.

Multiple parameter are shown in the large digital display. You can also program the device according to your specific needs.

Variety of Acceleration and Deceleration Modes

The Nine acceleration and 9 deceleration modes of the AHN myLab® Universal Centrifuge enable you to start and stop the device without disturbing fragile samples. You can also set an adjustable timer which can be set from 1 to 999 minutes, or to infinite mode which has no time limitation.

Excellent user safety

The electronic imbalance detection feature stops the centrifuge by uneven loading of the samples and this way guarantees an excellent user safety. Through the lid lock safety break the centrifuge ensures that the lid remains closed until the rotor has fully stopped. The emergency lid release of the AHN myLab® Universal Centrifuge only allows you to open the device once electricity supply has been removed.

The short spin feature ensures the ultimate performance for ultra-short centrifugation and pelleting. And the intelligent designed airflow system prevents an increase in sample temperature.

Saves bench space on your desk

The small footprint of the AHN myLab® Universal Centrifuge uses minimal bench space while offering powerful and efficient centrifugation and maintaining a high performance. The stainless steel chamber rotor is also fully corrosion-free and easy to clean.

Ordering Information

DescriptionCat. No.
AHN myLab UC-01 Universal Centrifuge 4500 rpm7-030-00-0
4x100mL swing rotor with Bio Safety Cap, RCF 3164 x gCR-43-100
6x50mL swing rotor with stainless steel tubesCR-43-50
16x15mL swing rotor with stainless steel tubes, RCF 3485 x gCR-43-15
2 x Microplates Swing rotor, RCF 2355 x gCR-43-PL
4x100mL Fix angle rotor, RCF 2559 x gCR-43-100F
6x50mL Fix angle rotor, RCF 2852 x gCR-43-50F
24x15mL Fix angle rotor RCF 2852 x gCR-43-15F-24
16x15mL Fix angle rotor, RCF 3144 x gCR-43-15F-16
30x15mL Fix angle rotor, RCF 2729 xgCR-43-15F-30
32x10mL swing rotor, RCF 3164 x g (includes 32x10mL stainless steel tubes + 32x10mL rubber adapters for tube diameter 13 x length 100 mm + 32 x adapters for tube diameters 13x length 75 mmCR-43-10

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