DNA Purification – Best Practice Guide

In this DNA Purification Best Practice Guide we explore the basics of DNA extraction, plasmid preparation, and DNA quantification. After studying this short booklet, laboratory personnel will be empowered with knowledge on best practices that increase productivity through optimized purification workflows. The various ahn products included in this guide are designed to speed up and optimize DNA purification, thus freeing up time

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We support the local education

At AHN Biotechnologie GmbH we are happy to support local education with our technology and know-how within Liquid Handling. Our latest donation of two AHN myLab® Magnetic Stirrers (Hot Plate Stirrer 5, 10, 15-place Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate (ahn-bio.de)) has reached the High-School ‘Gymnasium an der Stadtmauer’ in Bad Kreuznach, Rheinland-Pfalz, just-in-time, as their equipment went

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AHN Pipet4U® Revolution single-channel electronic pipette: One of the best single-channel PCR pipettes

elektronische Einkanalpipette AHN pipet4u Revolution elektronische Einkanalpipette

It is no secret, manual pipettes are so 20th century, and nowhere is this clearer than in polymerase chain reaction (PCR) workflows. Having the best pipette for PCR will make a world of a difference in PCR preparation. The AHN Pipet4U® Revolution single-channel electronic PCR pipette is packed with features designed to take your PCR

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AHN Value Campaigns 2021

GET 15% OFF your FIRST ORDER of AHN myPlate® PCR Plates! Valid for orders placed within February 2021 Campaign ID: 2021_14 GET a FREE Pipet4U® Revolution Single Channel Electronic Pipette, for every EUR500,00 that you spend on your next stock order of PCR consumables! (Distributors only) Valid for orders placed within February 2021 Campaign ID: [...] Continue reading »