AHN myLab® 96 Well Plate Centrifuge

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With the age of single-tube PCR reactions fast being eclipsed by microplate-based PCR setups, scientists need tools that are equal to the task. The AHN myLab® PCR plate spinner is designed to offer dependable performance for all PCR plate applications. From the striking exterior of this aesthetic plate centrifuge to the powerful microprocessor-controlled motor, the AHN myLab® 96 well plate centrifuge is a cut above the competition in so many ways. In this blog post, we will share highlights of this modern and innovative 96 well plate centrifuge from AHN Biotechnologie GmbH and why you need one in your laboratory.

User-friendly PCR Plate Spinner

The modern aesthetic of the AHN myLab® 96 well plate centrifuge is best complemented by its intuitive user interface. Unlike the big and bulky PCR plate spinners of yore, the myLab® 96 well plate centrifuge has a minimum set of user-input controls arranged in a neat and pleasant manner at the front of the device. At the slightest touch of the capacitive buttons, the bright digital display of the myLab® PCR plate spinner provides feedback to the user, allowing them to adjust the 96 well plate centrifuge’s run parameters. Additionally, LED lights are placed conveniently close to the labels of the various operational settings of the PCR plate spinner, providing a quick visual guide for users.

96 Well Plate Centrifuge with advanced microprocessor

Spinning microplates in a PCR plate spinner requires a delicate balance of parts and this is all orchestrated by an advanced, modern microprocessor. This tiny little device serves as the brains of the AHN myLab® 96 well plate centrifuge, translating user input into machine-readable instructions with great precision and accuracy. This translation, along with advanced cycle monitoring, ensures the plate centrifuge stays true to user-defined run settings. Additionally, the advanced microprocessor of the AHN myLab® 96 well plate centrifuge makes it possible for this specific PCR plate spinner to stand out as one of the safest plate centrifuges on the market.

96 Well Plate centrifuge with industry-leading performance

Packed with a powerful, high-efficiency brushless motor, the myLab® 96 well plate spinner delivers exceptional spinning performance for a plate centrifuge of its size class. Spinning down condensed droplets in PCR plates is quick and easy with the AHN myLab® plate centrifuge, ensuring that the entire reaction volume is available for PCR amplification. The brushless motor in the AHN myLab® plate centrifuge is designed to offer centrifugal forces of up to 462 g and this equates to spin speeds of 2500 RPM. With the perfect combination of outstanding performance and efficient design, the AHN myLab® plate centrifuge is designed to last a very long time in most laboratory environments.

PCR Plate Spinner with exceptional safety features

When designing the AHN myLab® PCR plate spinner, our product designers and engineers prioritized safety without compromising performance. In the modern life-science lab there is no room for an unsafe PCR plate spinner, and the myLab® 96 well plate centrifuge demonstrates that perfectly. From its automatic imbalance detection to its lid-lock mechanism, this PCR plate spinner intelligently protects users and samples from injury or damage. The myLab® 96 well plate centrifuge’s low rotor noise and responsive capacitive buttons also reduce the risk of hearing loss and repetitive strain injury respectively. This is the 96 well plate centrifuge that is designed to bring satisfaction back to the lab again.

Space-efficient 96 Well Plate Centrifuge

The AHN myLab® 96 well plate centrifuge is perfectly sized to maximize savings on workbench real estate without sacrificing performance. With its ideal 330 x 265 mm footprint and 161 mm height, this PCR plate spinner provides the greatest centrifugation value for a product of its size class. In addition to incredible space savings, the AHN myLab® PCR plate spinner has a sturdy weight of 4 kg for extra stabilization when the plate centrifuge rotor is at full speed. As a side benefit, the weight of the AHN myLab® 96 well plate centrifuge is perfectly tuned to prevent weighing down and damaging less-sturdy workbenches such as those in mobile laboratories and temporary workstations.

PCR Plate Spinner with universal compatibility

With interoperability being a key factor in today’s collaborative scientific endeavors, the AHN myLab® PCR plate spinner is ready for any laboratory. The plate holders on the AHN myLab® PCR plate spinner’s rotor are molded after the design of AHN’s universally compatible AHN myPlate® PCR plates. This ensures greater compatibility with PCR plates from most of the leading manufacturers. So, whether your lab is already fully invested in myPlate® PCR plates and seals or you are still clearing out consumables purchased from another manufacturer, the myLab® 96 well plate centrifuge has you covered. With AHN, you do not have to trade in your whole lab just to upgrade your PCR plate spinner.

Versatile PCR Plate Spinner

As if universal compatibility was not enough, the AHN myLab® PCR plate spinner goes the extra mile by adding a touch of versatility to its operation. This versatile 96 well plate centrifuge is capable of handling different plate designs. Whether your preferred plate style is full-skirted, semi-skirted, or unskirted – the myLab® PCR plate is equipped for the task. With its microprocessor-operated motor, the myLab® 96 PCR plate spinner is also capable of spinning down standard 384 well PCR plates. This allows large laboratories the flexibility of processing a variety of sample sizes with a single PCR plate spinner.

High-quality 96 Well Plate Centrifuge

The AHN myLab® PCR plate spinner is manufactured to the rigorous and exacting quality standards that we have been committed to for decades. Manufactured from superior quality raw materials and fabricated under the supervision of experienced engineers, the myLab® 96 well plate centrifuge is designed to always provide reliable performance. Each myLab® 96 well plate centrifuge is backed by a 2-year warranty from AHN Biotechnologie GmbH certifying that it is free from material and manufacturing defects. This demonstrates our commitment to manufacturing high-quality products, and the AHN myLab® PCR plate spinner is no exception.

Try out the AHN myLab® PCR Plate Spinner today

While the features of the AHN myLab® 96 well plate centrifuge that we have described in this blog post are truly impressive, the experience only gets better in person. Once you have tried out the AHN PCR plate spinner for yourself, we are confident that it will become your preferred choice. That is why we are currently running a special offer that will allow you to try out this exceptional 96 well plate centrifuge in your own lab, with your own plates. We are confident that once you test it for yourself, you will be impressed by this industry-leading PCR plate spinner that you will order more for your lab. There is nothing to wait for, click here to try out the AHN myLab® 96 well plate centrifuge today!

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