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Maxxline® Plastic Cryogenic Boxes

Long term cryopreservation of life science samples helps researchers leverage the data potential in their precious samples over multiple research projects. Many cryopreservation solutions fail to offer such long-term sample storage because of several reasons and that’s why we set out on a mission to create the best plastic cryogenic boxes on the market. We are excited to introduce Maxxline® plastic cryogenic boxes – the result of countless hours of brilliant innovation and meticulous craftsmanship. These excellent cryogenic boxes provide long-term cryovial storage in a high-quality plastic package that will not disappoint. Here are a few reasons why we know that you will love the Maxxline® plastic cryovial storage boxes.

Cryogenic boxes with excellent thermal stability

Maxxline® plastic cryovial storage boxes are manufactured from a unique formulation of polypropylene that has excellent thermal properties. The use of this high-quality polymer allows Maxxline® plastic cryovial storage boxes to withstand temperatures as low as -150°C without cracking or chipping. As a result of this quality-focused production approach, our cryovial storage boxes have an extended lifetime and can be reused several times. Each plastic cryogenic box can withstand autoclaving at +121°C, making it easy to decontaminate the cryovial storage boxes between different sample batches.

Cryovial storage boxes with easy sorting algorithm

All Maxxline® plastic cryogenic boxes feature an intuitive alphanumeric sample sorting algorithm that makes it easy to store and retrieve samples. The alphanumeric code is molded right into the lids and bases of each cryovial storage box. This makes it easy for users to see the names of sample cells when the cryogenic boxes are open or when they are closed. The molded alphanumeric code will not rub off with use and will last as long as the plastic cryovial storage boxes.

Cryogenic boxes with two grid options

Maxxline® plastic cryovial storage boxes come in two grid sizes, allowing you the flexibility of choosing the best box for your unique cryopreservation needs. The cryogenic boxes with a 9×9 grid hold up to 81 samples and are a great option for budget-constrained laboratories. For space constrained laboratories, Maxxline® cryovial storage boxes with a 10×10 grid offer 23% more storage without increasing the size of the cryogenic box. Both variants of Maxxline® plastic cryogenic boxes come in a stackable 130x130mm footprint that fits well in most commercially available freezer racks.

Cryogenic boxes for diverse cryotube sizes

Maxxline® cryogenic boxes are supplied in a range of box heights to accommodate a range of cryotube dimensions. The 9×9 Maxxline® cryogenic boxes have 3 height variants (50mm, 80mm, 90mm) that are designed to hold Maxxline® cryotubes in the 1.0mL-5.0mL volume range. Maxxline® 10×10 cryovial storage boxes are supplied in 5 height variants (32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 80mm, 90mm) that can fit 0.5mL-5.0mL cryovials. Although Maxxline® cryovial storage boxes are tailored for maximum compatibility with Maxxline® cryotubes, they are also cross-compatible with cryovials from other common brands.

Order your Maxxline® cryovial storage boxes today

The excellent Maxxline® plastic cryovial storage boxes are available from our global distributor network. If you are interested in ordering a free sample of these great cryogenic boxes to test out in your lab, we would be happy to send it your way. Simply click here to register your interest and we will see to it that you get your hands on these high-quality cryovial storage boxes.

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DescriptionDimensionsMaterialColourSales UnitCat.No.
Cryobox, 9x9 grid for 1.0mL – 2.0mL cryo tubes 130x130x50mmPlasticclearcase/36 pcs. CM81-N
Cryobox, 9x9 grid for 4.0mL cryo tubes130x130x80mmPlasticclearcase/36 pcs.CM81-N4
Cryobox, 9x9 grid for 5.0mL cryo tubes130x130x90mmPlasticclearcase/36 pcs. CM81-N5
Cryobox 10x10 grid for 0.5mL cryo tubes130x130x32mmPlasticclearcase/36 pcs. MLX05N
Cryobox 10x10 grid for 1.0mL cryo tubes130x130x40mmPlasticclearcase/36 pcs. MLX1N
Cryobox 10x10 grid for 2.0 mL cryo tubes130x130x50mmPlasticclearcase/36 pcs. MLX2N
Cryobox 10x10 grid for 4.0mL cryo tubes130x130x80mmPlasticclearcase/36 pcs. MLX4N
Cryobox 10x10 grid for 5.0mL cryo tubes130x130x90mmPlasticclearcase/36 pcs. MLX5N