AHN myTip® Filter Pipette Tips

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AHN myTip® Filter Pipette Tips

AHN myTip® Filter Pipette Tips eliminate harmful aerosol transfer while processing your samples. The filter serves as a barrier against aerosols and protects the pipette shafts from any contamination, resulting from evaporation or accidental splash. This way, AHN myTip® Filter Tips reduce the risk of cross-contamination and assure stable and reliable results.

Unique Filter Design in AHN myTip® Filter Tips

AHN myTip® Filter Pipette Tips are equipped with specially developed hydrophobic filters, made of high quality hydrophobic virgin polyethylene. The filters used in AHN myTip® Filter Tips are free from chemical additives, which eliminates the risk of cross contamination in the event of liquid coming in contact with the filter. The Micropore Filter Technology, with a filter pore size of 5-40 μm, ensures ultra high density of the filters, thanks to which AHN myTip® Filter Tips create an efficient barrier to the aerosols and vapours, but also prevent radioactive, bio-hazardous or corrosive substances from entering into the pipette body.

Univeral pipette fit of AHN myTip® Filter Pipette Tips

AHN myTip® Filter Tips have been designed with an optimized cone geometry, ensuring secure and universal fit on all commonly used pipette brands. See the full compatibily list of AHN myTip® Filter Pipette Tips.

Work comfort with AHN myTip® Filter Tips

AHN myTip® Filter Tips have graduation marks, indicating standard volumes. This ensures your work comfort by pipetting. Additionally, AHN myTip® Filter Pipette Tips are sterile. You can order AHN myTip® Filter Pipette Tips both racked or in bulks. Contact us to receive free samples of AHN myTip® Filter Tips worldwide.


VolumeLengthColourSterilizedPack TypeSales UnitCat. No.
AHN myTip® FT 10 µL31.20 mmclearbag20x10002-002-81-0
AHN myTip® FT 10/20 µL XL45.80 mmclearbag20x10002-062-81-0
AHN myTip® FT 20 µ53.40 mmclearbag10x10002-117-80-0
AHN myTip® FT 100 µL53.40 mmclearbag10x10002-119-80-0
AHN myTip® FT 200 µL53.40 mmclearbag10x10002-127-80-0
AHN myTip® FT 300 µL59.35 mmclearbag10x10001-127-80-0
AHN myTip® FT 1000 µL84.30 mmclearbag10x10002-202-80-0
AHN myTip® FT 1250 µL97.60 mmclearbag10x10002-204-80-0


FilterAverage pore sizeMaterialCharacteristicUsed in following filter tip
110-40 μmPEhydrophobic10 µL | 10 µL XL
210-40 μmPEhydrophobic20 µL
310-40 μmPEhydrophobic100 µL
410-40 μmPEhydrophobic200 µL | 300 µL
510-40 μmPEhydrophobic1000 µL
620-40 μmPEhydrophobic1250 µL