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AHN myTip® Low Retention Tips

AHN myTip® Low Retention Tips enable precise and comfortable pipetting with maximal sample recovery. Thanks to the specially developed resins combined with high quality diamond finish production molds, AHN myTip® Low Binding Tips have inner walls of the ultimate hydrophobic surface, enabling complete delivery of liquids upon dispensing.

How do AHN myTip® Low Retention Tips improve your results

Thanks to the ultimate hydrophobic inner surface, AHN myTip® Low Binding Tips allow you to precisely dispense even the smallest sample amounts, securing reproducibility of your results and increasing your work precision at the same time. Viscous liquids can be processed more easily with AHN myTip® Low Retention Tips.

AHN myTip® Low Retention Tips are also available with Filters, blocking vaporous, radioactive, biohazardous or corrosive substances from entering the inner parts of your pipette and consequently prolonging its lifetime, reducing the cost of service and repair significantly.

Comfort of work with AHN myTip® Low Retention Tips

Thanks to the improved cone geometry, AHN myTip® Low Binding Tips are universally compatible with the commonly used pipette brands. See the full compatibility list of AHN myTip® Low Binding Tips.

Graduations marks enable quick and easy volume recognition, eliminating the error risk by aspirating. On top of that, AHN myTip® Low Retention Tips are designed with conical tip opening, which prevents drop formation at the end of the tip.

AHN myTip® Low Retention Tips - the Quality you can Rely On

Made of the autoclavable, non-wettable, virgin polypropylene, AHN myTip® Low Binding Tips are manufactured on a state of the art, automated production facility, located in Central Germany, utilizing Swiss-made production molds. The manufacturing environment is strictly monitored and controlled, assuring the product quality level, you can rely on.

Free testing and packaging options for AHN myTip® Low Retention Tips

Convince yourself about the ultimate quality of AHN myTip® Low Binding Tips by ordering free samples worldwide. AHN myTip® Low Retention Tips are available racked or in bulks, with or without filter.


VolumeLengthColourSterilizedPack TypeSales UnitCat. No.
AHN myTip® LT 10 µL31.20 mmclearbag20x10004-002-81-0
AHN myTip® LT 10/20 µL XL45.80 mmclearbag20x10004-062-81-0
AHN myTip® LT 200 µL53.40 mmclearbag30x10004-121-86-0
AHN myTip® LT 300 µL59.35 mmclearbag10x10004-127-80-0
AHN myTip® LT 1000 µL84.30 mmclearbag20x5004-202-80-0
AHN myTip® LT 1250 µL97.60 mmclearbag10x10004-204-80-0

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