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Maxxline® Cryogenic tubes

Over the last several years AHN has become a leading supplier of high-quality cryopreservation solutions for life-science research labs. Although we are profoundly grateful for the positive feedback received from customers all over the world, our R&D team has not stopped seeking to reengineer our flagship Maxxline® cryogenic tubes. In this latest iteration of Maxxline®cryotubes, we have crafted what we believe to be the ultimate cryotubes on the market, period! Here are some of the exceptional features that you will love about these unique cryogenic tubes.

Temperature resistant cryovials

Maxxline® cryogenic tubes have excellent thermal properties that make them perfect for cryopreservation of life science samples. Each cryotube is molded from a custom blend of polypropylene that remains stable at ultra-temperatures (up to -196°C) without cracking. Additionally, Maxxline® cryovials can be decontaminated by autoclaving at 121°C to reduce the chances of cross-contamination.

Cryogenic tubes with quick-seal design

Many cryovial designs on the market are unwieldy, requiring the use of both hands to open and close. This makes it difficult to handle the cryotubes when pipetting samples. Maxxline® cryotubes have an innovative quick-seal design that makes them easy to open and close with a single hand. A half-turn closure makes it easy and comfortable to open and close each cryogenic tube. With Maxxline® cryovials, sample loading and off-loading is much faster and streamlined, saving you precious time.

Slim external thread cryotube design

Maxxline® cryovials have an external thread design that gives them slim, ergonomic profile. The external thread design maximizes sample retrieval by keeping a smooth cryotube interior. Additionally, the lids remain flush with the body of the cryogenic tube, making the cryotubes easy to store and handle. This functional design language also gives Maxxline® cryovials an incredibly beautiful, almost unibody appearance that pleases the eye.

Cryovials with readable labels

Most cryovials in the Maxxline® cryotube range feature molded graduation marks that are interspaced at 0.5mL intervals (excl. 0.5mL cryotubes). By molding graduation marks into the body of the cryogenic tubes sample volumes are easy to read under a variety of lighting conditions, reducing eye strain. Each cryogenic tube also features a large labeling area for custom sample indexing (excl. 0.5mL cryovials).

Cryovials with a stable star-foot bottom

Another excellent feature of Maxxline® cryovials is the star-foot bottom that stabilizes each cryotube. The multiple anchor points on this innovative cryogenic tube base design help the cryovials remain stable on workbenches during sample loading. The unique star-foot design also locks into place in select cryoboxes, keeping them upright during movement and freezer storage. This, along with the leak-proof design, reduces the chances of sample leakage from Maxxline® cryogenic tubes.

Get a free sample of Maxxline® cryogenic tubes

We are currently running an offer for labs that would like to try out the groundbreaking Maxxline® cryotubes. If you would like to order a free sample of these excellent cryovials, you can do so by clicking here. We are confident that you will fall in love with Maxxline® cryovials as soon as you test them out and put them through their paces.

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