AHN myLab® MC-02: The ultimate PCR Centrifuge

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The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) has become one of the most commonly used techniques in both diagnostics and research owing to its ability to quickly multiply targeted nucleic acid sequences. Although often overlooked, microcentrifuges play a pivotal role in the success of PCR as they help spin down tubes at various stages of the workflow. Having a reliable PCR centrifuge greatly increases the odds of success with every run. The AHN myLab® PCR Centrifuge gives life scientists an edge and outperforms many other small lab centrifuges by a huge margin. In this article we will highlight the outstanding features of the AHN myLab® PCR centrifuge and why we think it is the best microcentrifuge for your PCR workflow.

PCR Centrifuge with a powerful motor

Designed around a modern, powerful brushless DC motor, the AHN myLab® PCR centrifuge always delivers exceptional performance every time. The brushless DC motor powering this small lab centrifuge is capable of delivering spin speeds of up to 15,000 rpm (15,596 x g) and this is plenty of power to use for spinning down PCR tubes and strips. The energy efficient motor of this special small lab centrifuge maintains consistent spin speeds with an accuracy of 100 rpm. As the AHN myLab® PCR centrifuge uses a brushless motor, this microcentrifuge is designed to offer a long, maintenance-free service life for all your PCR needs without any dips in performance as it ages.

Small Lab Centrifuge with large capacity rotor

At the core of the AHN myLab® PCR centrifuge experience is a best-in-class 12-place rotor. For a device of the size of the AHN myLab® small lab centrifuge, this unique rotor provides outstanding value and speeds up sample preparation. The closed rotor of this innovative microcentrifuge can hold both 1.5mL and 2mL microtubes. For those scientists that work with smaller sample volumes, the AHN myLab® small lab centrifuge comes with reduction adaptors that can accommodate 0.2mL and 0.5mL microcentrifuge tubes. An optional PCR strip rotor is available as a value added accessory for AHN myLab® PCR centrifuges and this helps scientists improve their throughput without cutting corners.

Compact Microcentrifuge for mobile PCR labs

The AHN myLab® PCR centrifuge is a small and compact microcentrifuge that will not take up much space on the PCR workbench. With its dimensions of 190x120x270mm (LxWxH), this small lab centrifuge will find a home in space constrained labs as well as larger labs. Weighing in at only 2.45kg, the AHN myLab® PCR centrifuge is the perfect small lab centrifuge for mobile diagnostic laboratories as it is both small and easy to carry around from place to place. Additionally, the 55W power consumption of the AHN myLab® PCR centrifuge minimizes the power drawn from mobile power banks and generators, allowing more power to be used up by devices such as thermocyclers as they heat up samples during amplification cycles.

Quiet PCR Centrifuge

Unlike the big, bulky and noisy PCR centrifuges of previous times, the modern AHN myLab® small lab centrifuge is a pleasantly quiet device. This unique microcentrifuge is designed and crafted to operate at a maximum noise output of only 60 db. The quiet operation of this small lab centrifuge is attributable to the brushless DC motor and an innovative closed rotor design both of which are no small feats of engineering genius. AHN myLab® PCR centrifuges are reduce the incidence of noise pollution in the lab environment, allowing scientists to have more focus time even as they spin down their samples.

PCR centrifuge with enhanced safety features

Lab safety is of paramount importance in all PCR labs and the AHN myLab® PCR centrifuge is no slouch when it comes to safety. Packed with several safety features, this small lab centrifuge is designed to reduce the incidence of injury in the PCR laboratory. An automated safety braking mechanism prevents the lid of the microcentrifuge from opening while the device is running, protecting users from injury. An automatic imbalance detection feature protects the microcentrifuge from running when loaded incorrectly, notifying the user to correct the imbalance. More salient safety features of this modern microcentrifuge include the ear-friendly silent operation as well as the back-friendly light weight of less than 2.5kgs.

Order your AHN myLab® PCR Centrifuge today

The AHN myLab® PCR centrifuge provides excellent value in a compact and affordable package. Your PCR station will never be the same again after decking it with the best-in-class AHN myLab® small lab centrifuge. This microcentrifuge is readily available for distribution to several countries around the world through AHN Biotechnologie GmbH’s global network of distributors. Follow the link to connect with our friendly sales team and they will be happy to help you secure what may be one of the best small lab centrifuge on the market today.

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