Quick DNA gel purification with AHN myTube® spin columns

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AHN myTube® spin columns offer a quick and affordable way to recover concentrated DNA from agarose gels. DNA gel purification with AHN myTube® spin columns is a simple 3 step process that can be summarized in the three words bind, wash, and elute. The DNA clean up process revolves around the glass bead filter technology at the core of each AHN myTube® spin column which ensures high-affinity DNA binding and easy elution. Nucleic acids recovered with AHN myTube® spin column based DNA gel purification can be used for sequencing, restriction enzyme digestion, ligation, library construction among other applications.

Maximum DNA binding efficiency

DNA clean up protocols begin with excising a band of interest from an agarose gel. The gel slice is typically added to an AHN myTube® spin column with any of several commercially available DNA clean up binding buffer solutions. AHN myTube® spin columns with glass bead filters are the recommended choice for DNA gel purification as they ensure the highest DNA binding efficiency. After spinning the sample on a microcentrifuge, the DNA remains securely bound to the glass bead filter while impurities are collected in the receiver tube. Due to the high binding efficiency (±99.99%) of AHN myTube® spin columns, DNA gel purification has single-step nucleic acid binding.

DNA clean up with lossless washing

After successful nucleic acid binding, the next step of DNA gel purification involves washing the glass bead filters to remove impurities. The combination of efficient AHN myTube® spin columns and wash buffers with chaotropic salts ensures DNA gel purification with lossless washing. As impurities collect in the receiver tubes during centrifugation, DNA remains bound to the glass bead filters of AHN myTube® spin columns. For best results in your DNA clean up protocol, we recommend washing the spinning column twice to remove any traces of agarose that may interfere with downstream processes.

DNA gel purification with quick and easy elution

Elution is the last and most crucial step of DNA clean up and it is important to ensure complete DNA recovery from the filter membranes. AHN myTube® spin columns with glass bead filters make quick work of the elution step by releasing bound DNA easily in the presence of a low-salt elution buffer or nuclease-free water. During elution, AHN myTube® spin columns release all the nucleic acids recovered from the DNA gel purification process into the collection tubes and the DNA can be stored or used immediately in downstream processes. AHN myTube® spin columns make DNA clean up a quick and effortless process with unparalleled efficiency.

DNA clean up with High-grade Spin Columns

The AHN myTube® spin column system is constructed from high-grade materials that ensure reliable performance in DNA gel purification. Our uniquely formulated premium-quality polypropylene blend offers minimal interaction with reaction components. AHN myTube® spin columns with glass bead filter technology offer class-leading DNA binding efficiencies and maximum elution for high yield DNA clean up. The entire AHN myTube® spin column system also uses less plastic creating an eco-friendly and affordable DNA clean up system.

Test the AHN myTube® spin columns for your DNA gel purification today

If you would like to test the AHN myTube® spin column system in your next DNA gel purification, you can order a free sample by clicking here. We are quite positive that you will find unmatched results from your DNA clean up that we are willing to let you test out the system at no expense to you. In AHN, you have a reliable partner for all your DNA clean up needs.

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