Schild Line®: The ultimate protective face masks

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Riding on the uncertain tides of the 2020 pandemic, as AHN Biotechnologie GmbH we felt a huge burden of responsibility to contribute to the production of personal protective equipment (PPEs) such as protective face masks. By leveraging the strength of our know-how and our strong commitment to innovation and quality we are excited to introduce the ultimate brand of protective face masks – Schild Line®! Schild Line® face shield masks are not your average run-of-the-mill protective face masks, they are the only face shield mask you’ll want to use. That’s quite a bold claim, and we stand by it!

What is Schild Line®?

Schild Line® face shield masks are named after the German word for shield – “Schild” (pronounced sh-eel-d). We felt that the mighty shield would be the best icon to represent face shield masks that provide ultimate protection against microscopic pathogens. Schild Line® protective face masks offer the most comprehensive defense against respiratory pathogens and other microparticles. Each box of Schild Line® protective face masks represents a battery of antimicrobial shields to keep pathogens at bay. With Schild Line® protective face masks you have a trusted partner in the war on germs.

Our commitment to quality

Only high-quality, high-filtration efficiency and comfortable materials are used in making Schild Line® protective face masks. This ensures an unparalleled user experience for each face shield mask and the ultimate safety of our customers. Additionally, each face shield mask is compliant with international cytotoxicity standards (ISO 10993-5 and EN 14683).
Schild Line® face shield masks are manufactured at world-class production facility. Each face shield mask is created in a contaminant-free cleanroom environment that espouses a commitment to international good manufacturing practices.

Branded by a global manufacturer

AHN Biotechologie GmbH, the company behind the Schild Line® brand of protective face masks, is based in Nordhausen – Germany. For almost two decades, we have been manufacturing life science equipment using cutting edge technology and innovative approaches. We manufacture OEM and branded products such as liquid handling tools, benchtop equipment, and other laboratory consumables. We feel honored to be considered a trusted partner by lab equipment suppliers as well as academic, research, and diagnostic labs worldwide. With Schild Line® we look forward to partnering with you in supplying the ultimate face shield masks.

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