High yield Plasmid Miniprep with AHN myTube® Spin Columns

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Molecular biologists often isolate plasmid DNA from microbial cells for various applications such as sequencing, cloning, and gene therapy among others. Plasmid miniprep approaches allow for rapid harvesting of plasmid DNA from bacterial cells using protocols that involve spin columns with silica-based plasmid binding filters. AHN myTube® spin columns with glass bead filters are optimized to work with a broad range of commercially available plasmid preparation reagents. With AHN myTube® spin columns you are guaranteed high yield plasmid recovery from cells at a fraction of the cost of popular plasmid miniprep kits. This article will highlight the notable features of AHN myTube® spin columns that would help you get the best results from your plasmid DNA purification while lowering expenses.

Plasmid Miniprep with High-efficiency plasmid DNA binding

Protocols for commercially available plasmid miniprep kits typically involve some preparatory steps that separate plasmid DNA from chromosomal DNA and other cell components. The separated plasmid DNA in solution is then centrifuged through AHN myTube® spin columns with glass bead filters. The uniquely formulated glass bead filter technology is well optimized for high-efficiency (>99.99%) DNA binding to maximize plasmid preparation yields. The plasmid DNA remains bound to the glass bead filter during centrifugation while impurities are separated into the collection tubes with the flow-through.

Plasmid Preparation with Excellent DNA retention during washing

After binding plasmid DNA to the glass bead filters of AHN myTube® spin columns, most plasmid miniprep protocols recommend a wash step with ethanol-based solutions. Washing the glass bead filter membranes with ethanol removes any impurities that may persist after the binding cycle. AHN myTube® spin columns are fine-tuned to retain DNA throughout the wash cycles, reducing the risk of low-yield plasmid DNA purification. The filter design also ensures maximum ethanol removal during centrifugation so as to minimize alcohol interference in downstream processes of plasmid miniprep.

Plasmid Miniprep with Easy plasmid DNA elution

The reversible binding of plasmid DNA to the glass bead filters of AHN myTube® spin columns makes quick work of the elution step of plasmid miniprep. By adding nuclease-free water or a low-salt elution buffer to the spin column and centrifuging into a clean collection tube, the glass bead filters release all the bound plasmid DNA. All AHN myTube® spin columns with glass bead filters are optimized for reversible DNA binding to maximize plasmid recovery with each plasmid miniprep elution step.

Plasmid DNA Purification with Premium quality Spin Columns

AHN myTube® spin columns made from the best quality raw materials and they are well optimized for the best results in each step of plasmid preparation. Each AHN myTube® spin column is carefully crafted from premium-grade polypropylene that is optimized for minimal chemical interaction with plasmid miniprep reagents. This decreases the chances of accidental carryover of unwanted molecules. The glass bead filter technology offers dependable DNA binding that results in dependable plasmid miniprep yields.

Graduated collection tubes for Plasmid Miniprep

The AHN myTube® spin column system has graduated collection tubes that simplify the monitoring of flow-through volumes during centrifugation. By quickly noting the volume of solution collected in the flow-through, it is easy to notice pipetting errors without restarting the whole plasmid preparation process. Collection tubes are supplied in 1.5mL-2.0mL volume capacities that accommodate the standard AHN spin column size.

Try out AHN myTube® spin columns in your next plasmid miniprep

You can order free samples of AHN myTube® spin columns to test them out in your next plasmid DNA purification. Experience the innovative features of AHN myTube® spin columns and take your plasmid miniprep to the next level. With AHN you get more value for your money with each plasmid miniprep.

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