High efficiency PCR clean up with AHN myTube® spin columns

PCR clean up

After running a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) it is often necessary to separate the PCR products from the reaction mix (nucleotides, primers, enzymes, and buffer), a process commonly referred to as PCR clean up. The AHN myTube® spin column system streamlines PCR clean up by providing an efficient DNA recovery process. In this article, we will highlight some of the excellent features of AHN myTube® spin columns that make them the ideal PCR clean up solution for your lab.

High-affinity DNA binding

The initial stages of PCR clean up using spin columns usually involve the use of commercially available kits to bind DNA to a filtration membrane. The PCR reaction mix is combined with a binding solution and centrifuged through a spin column to separate the DNA from the other components of the PCR mix. AHN myTube® spin columns with glass fiber filters provide a high-affinity DNA binding matrix for PCR clean up. These silica-based filters offer maximum nucleic acid retention during the binding step with an efficiency upwards of 99.99%.

Excellent DNA retention during washing

DNA binding is followed by one or more wash steps that ensure that the PCR clean up process separates the DNA from any residual components of the reaction mix. The success of the wash step(s) in PCR clean up depends on the DNA remaining bound to the filter membrane of the spin column while the other components of the reaction mix are washed into the collection tube. The glass fiber filters of AHN myTube® spin columns have high-efficiency nucleic acid retention throughout the wash steps of PCR clean up, minimizing the chances of DNA loss. The glass fiber filters achieve this by selectively binding to DNA in the presence of chaotropic salts. AHN myTube® Spin Columns with glass fiber filters help you take the guesswork out of PCR clean up.

Reversible DNA binding for easy elution

The last stage of PCR clean up using AHN myTube® spin column involves removal of bound DNA from the glass fiber filters – a step commonly referred to as elution. The bound DNA is easily eluted in a low-salt environment by simply adding nuclease-free water to the spin column and centrifuging it. This makes quick work of PCR clean up while maximizing DNA recovery. With AHN myTube® Spin Column PCR clean up is fast, non-toxic, and easy for any life scientist to accomplish.

Centrifuge-optimized Spin Columns

As centrifugation is a pivotal part of the PCR clean up process high-quality centrifugation tubes are necessary. Constructed from high-grade polypropylene, AHN myTube® spin columns and receiver tubes can be used in a variety of centrifuges with excellent results. Our custom formulation of high-grade polypropylene is tailored to ensure the spin columns and receiver tubes do not interact with the reaction components. This maximizes DNA binding at the filter as well as the collection of flow-through in the wash steps of PCR clean up.

Convenient volume control

The receiver tubes of the AHN myTube® spin column system have graduation marks that make it convenient to visualize the volume of fluid collected after each spin cycle. This feature makes it easy to audit the flow through to quickly catch pipetting errors as PCR clean up proceeds. The receiver tubes are supplied in 1.5-2.0mL capacities while retaining a universal fit with AHN myTube® spin columns.

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