High yield DNA extraction using AHN myTube® spin columns

genomic DNA extraction

Genomic DNA extraction is a fundamental process in molecular biology that enables a variety of applications such as cloning and sequencing, among others. AHN myTube® spin columns simplify and speed up the process of genomic DNA extraction resulting in high quality nucleic acids for downstream processing. In this article, we will explore the excellent features of AHN myTube® spin columns that make them ideal for genomic DNA extraction.

Glass bead filters with 99.99% DNA binding efficiency

Spin column based genomic DNA extraction methods typically begin with a cell lysis step that breaks down cellular components and releases the nucleic acids from any associated proteins. The lysate is then added to AHN myTube® spin columns with glass bead filter technology for the second step of genomic DNA extraction – binding. Chaotropic salts in the lysis buffer enhance the affinity of the glass bead filters for DNA, resulting in a binding efficiency of 99.99%. DNA is retained on the AHN myTube® spin column filters during centrifugation while the rest of the lysate passes into the collection tube. This ensures maximum yields of high-quality nucleic acid content once genomic DNA extraction is complete.

Excellent DNA retention during washing

Two wash steps usually follow DNA binding and they reduce the incidence of contaminants in the final product of DNA extraction. The first wash step typically uses a wash buffer with a low concentration of chaotropic salts to remove residual proteins from the spin column. This is followed by an ethanol wash that removes all the salts from the AHN myTube® spin columns in preparation for elution. AHN myTube® spin columns retain all the DNA bound on the glass bead filters throughout the wash steps preventing accidental nucleic loss. Dry spinning AHN myTube® spin columns after the ethanol wash removes any ethanol residue ensuring a high-quality eluent with each genomic DNA extraction.

Maximum DNA recovery during elution

The elution step in most genomic DNA extraction protocols involves the use of a special alkaline buffers or nuclease free water. The glass bead filters of AHN myTube® spin columns release all the bound genomic DNA in the presence of the eluent. This fine-tuning of the filter technology ensures maximum DNA recovery in the elution step. After centrifugation, all the genomic DNA harvested from the cellular matter is collected in the receiver tube and is ready for use in downstream applications. With AHN myTube® spin columns, genomic DNA extraction is streamlined and easy, always resulting in high yields of purified DNA.

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