Electronic Pipetting Made Easy

You are ready to make the change from a manual pipette to an electronic pipette. But you are still not sure which one to choose?

We believe our AHN pipet4u® Revolution Electronic Pipettes will make your transition to electronic pipetting much smoother.

The AHN pipet4u® Revolution Electronic Pipettes are designed for easy usage. Therefore we utilize intuitive symbols which indicate key functions such as standard pipetting, reverse pipetting, mixing and multi-dispensing. This way you do not need to flip through a thick manual to operate our electronic pipettes.

AHN pipet4u® Revolution Electronic Pipette

Quick User Guide for our Electronic Pipettes

If you need help with you electronic pipette, use our Quick User Guide!
You can download it here for free!

Quick User Guide!

New Datasheets for AHN myTip Pipette Tips

You are looking for more indepth information about our AHN tips.

Than consider looking into our new AHN Datasheets for our tips! Here we gather all information around our tips that you might need.

Download our Datasheets!

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